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        Notices: If you can only offer the serial number and brands, it will be hard for us to provide the products with the best service (spending too much time on check) . So if you want to place an order of forklift parts and get quickest return, you need to tell us the follows:
1.Forklift maker
2.Forklift model
3.Parts serial number (engine serial number, mast serial number, forklift serial number)
4. Parts name
5. Power type
        For the reason of high price genuine parts, the OEM & replacement parts are more and more attractive to the customer. If you want to get the parts with the best price and satisfied quality , you need to tell us more as follows
6. Parts specification
7. The details of Parts name & Forklift model
        Having these information, we can quickly found out the ordered parts from the most china forklift parts manufacturer.